The thing about growing your own is that you can grow a range of vegetables that you normally wouldn’t find in the supermarkets. Surely this is probably one of the best things regarding growing your own, you move on from growing the same stuff every year and start to experiment a little.

For instance Poona Kheera cucumbers, an Indian variety that can be found on the Rare Seeds website.
Starting off lime green in colour, then turning an amazing orange, these cucumbers are crisp and crunchy, more than the normal varieties usually grown. Nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes like home grown vegetables. Slice into the cucumber and immediately the aroma of fresh cut cucumber wafts through the air. And the taste, well just take my word for it, something you will remember even in the darkest winter days.
Lovely in a salad or just on its own to peck at, with a glass of wine, or in my case a glass of bubbly, the best thing at the end is saving the seeds for next year to sow and pass on to someone else to try. Sometimes they can be a challenge to grow but well worth a try, you don’t need an allotment just a sunny spot up against a wall will do, and to think no cellophane wrapping in site.
Try it sometime and let me know how you get on.
Paul x